São Sebastião: a beautiful getaway just 2 hours from SP city

São Sebastião: a beautiful getaway just 2 hours from SP city

Dreaming of the Caribbean but no money or time to fly there? How about a quick getaway on the coast? São Sebastião (San Sebastian) is great for those who love quiet and deserted beaches, walks and trails in the middle of the forest.

Hey people, everybody frying in the scorching heat of summer 2014? Guys, I confess that even for me, Brazilian born and raised, is a bit too much! I am literally melting in my first Brazilian summer after 7 years in Switzerland! And to catch up with some chilling time by the beach I went to the north coast of São Paulo with my two months baby and my sister Meire. Facing the road with such a young baby and the heat of the coast were great challenges! But we survived.

We went to Maresias beach in São Sebastião. Already on the road I began to remember why I love going down to the coast. The scenery is beautiful: waterfalls, massive forest area, dangerous cliffs – beautiful and breathtaking. Maresias is a well known beach and said to be great for surfing. I like calm and empty beaches, with lots of nature and preferably no skyscrapers. São Sebastião is one of those cities that has not been destroyed by real estate speculation. Most of its beaches remain deserted, pristine beaches such as the beach of Santiago.

Sunset in MaresiasIMG_5128

Enjoying sunset with my babyboy




On the third day we went to Santiago beach and it was well worth the trip. The beach is beautiful, deserted, crystal green waters, surrounded by trees and native vegetation providing gentle shadows all day. Make to take a good repellent and stay close other people. On site is a makeshift bar next to a camping, and this is the only place where you can drink and eat something. The entrance to the beach is a bit hidden, you know? Beautiful vacation homes can be seen behind gardens of rainforest, revealing the high level of local regulars.

Arriving on the Santiago beachIMG_5166


Running to get away from the super hot sandIMG_5176


Back to Maresias this beach is more “pop” with cute little shops and restaurants. Look for Kanaloa restaurant to eat overlooking the beach or to drink a cold coconut milk by the sands.



It was a different experience traveling with my baby for the first time, and he is still so young, yet a delight to leave the city and breath some salty air! For those of you who enjoy waterfalls, hiking and boating São Sebastião offers all this and more.

Must-haves in the travel bag:

– repellent
– High SPF
– Sunglasses
– Hat
– Air conditioning in the room
– Preferably a hotel with a pool because at the peak hours you will not want to go to the beach in the scorching heat!
– Get the number of a taxi service BEFORE arriving in the village.

PS: at the guesthouse where we stayed, it was all 220V. Beware of 110V appliances!

Hope you enjoyed.


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