Wonderful gifts from Texture Fashion!  

Wonderful gifts from Texture Fashion! 

My day started with UPS delivering a package from Texture Fashion. On this blog, I have already talked about the brand and how much I liked their online store. They have beautiful things, design their own collections and the prices are excellent. I became a fan ever since I published the first post about them.
The folks at Fashion Texture sent me one of the nicest gifts I have ever received as a blogger.
They are wonderful pieces of fine silk, made and embroidered in India. I took pictures of everything for you – and even my baby who is only six weeks (inside me) received a gift. Yes people, I’m pregnant! Look how cute this is!
This weekend I will make several looks with the pieces that I got, they will go on the blog and on its Facebook page in the coming days.
List of gifts:
2 Dresses, silk patterned
3 Printed Silk Scarves
1 Pair of pants, green (fashion color!)
1 Blouse with brown collar and gold appliques
1 Tunic,  beautiful lively emerald green with gold embroidery
1 Tanktop, pink
 image_8 image_10
The emerald green tunic and those silk dresses are wonderful. The dresses have sleeves, but they are so light, the fabric just caresses your skin. Below are the  handkerchiefs.
Baby clothes:
1 jumpsuit
2 dresses
1 pants
1 tunic
I loved, loved, and loved it ! All so very beautiful – and moreover the pieces are quite different, the tissues are thin and they all fit great. The designers Jennifer, Rebecca and Christine are to be congratulated for these exclusive and unique pieces.
Thank You, Texture Fashion.
Soon, I will make many outfits of the day with what you sent me.


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