Ten photos that prove that Rihanna is rather a fashion diva

Ten photos that prove that Rihanna is rather a fashion diva

The singer Rihanna always gives what to talk with her looks. It launches trends at the same speed with which it launches hits! Rihanna is not only a trend-setter, she embraces the fresh novelties of the catwalks, rocks in the Streetstyle without fear of being happy, at the same time as You can dazzle everyone on the red carpet with a griffed dress in the best lady like style. I love Riri. I find it versatile, unpredictable, daring. Their fashion choices Go far beyond the obvious and what would be expected for a young pop singer. His looks are true declarations of authenticity that show a restless, glamorous and irreverent, talented and courageous personality.


Let’s see ten photos that prove That Rihanna is rather a fashion diva. Because to merit such a title has to dare, shock, be the best dressed of the event, or the most controversial. In short: Need to have daring to try new things and express your personality through fashion.

Let’s Start with this look from June 1, 2017, on the occasion of an Event In Los Angeles: A dress-shirt with nothing underneath, make natural and wet hair type “I just got out of the shower, stuck it here and came to the event”.


We Jump to the Cfda Fashion Awards 2014: Who else on this planet could seem so natural using such a model?Cfda

With a Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit, in 2009, with gloves and shoulders… Say, strangers.
810Still in 2014, when she became a Dior ambassador… What a Knockout, huh Riri?

Coachela 2017: “I Still can’t go home, because not everyone has seen my look yet,” said Rihanna on social networks. Gucci Look 100.
Pasted image 0Wearing outfit of his own collection. Notice The 17TH-century cut-Out shoes, the dress matelassiê and the print. Incidentally, this collection is called “Maria Antoinette working out,” Ha ha ha.
Pasted image 0-22015 at Good Morning America. Tell the truth, who else could use a look like that and face the world the next day?
Pasted image 0-3Right, guys? Pajamas are “What’s there” to get out of the house. But the crowd embarked on this and a lot of brand launched collections of clothes to stay at home to leave. Vixi was confused… It’s like the tendency to wear a sweater with a jump to go on an event.
Pasted image 0-5Met Gala 2015. Migues, why a mermaid style tube if I can wear THIS dress?

What screams more streetstyle than that look, my people? A little ride in London and we’ll see it on the streets, in the hills. Good Migas, the streetstyle of Rihanna alone gives an entire post.

NEW YORK, NY-MAY 01: Rihanna is seen arriving at the Carlyle Hotel to prepare for the

Many looks of Rihanna are considered vulgar by the press (after all, what is vulgar? Show your own body and feel good about yourself?), but one thing is certain: Rihanna NEVER goes unnoticed in a red carpet, either by the dazzle or the daring. It’s a fashion diva Thing.

OOTD-Sunday Look with Mini Floral Skater Dress

OOTD-Sunday Look with Mini Floral Skater Dress

Yesterday made a beautiful and tasty afternoon, so I took advantage to wear this mini skater dress that I Won From craze Clothing, and photograph the look for you. It Is a beautiful mini floral style 50 years old that leaves us with a girl-lady air. Incidentally, the skater dressis the trend of the moment! I Thought I’d use it with a little room, but as it was Sunday and I was in a climate of total relaxation, I wore low sneakers and I think it looks pretty good. I Threw in my arm some colored bracelets and I left my hair natural. I Loved the retro and puerile result of production.

The dress is super short, it is worth putting a shorts underneath if you are tall like me. What draws me attention in the piece is the floral print full of strong colors on the white background. And the dress cut, which looks more like a little girl. The piece also looks beautiful with high heels in a more whimed production. It Can be combined with a red, pink or blue pouch. The look is cheerful and sweet. It’s clothes to spend the day, nothing to take too seriously. It’s supposed to be a girl again.

Ah, the lips have won a live wine tone to get into the mood of the mini dress and highlight the color burst of the look.

On The balcony of the house3-IMG _1561

8-IMG 6102 2-IMG 6116 7-IMG 1572

The details of this cute and romantic mini floral: blue Nails and Maxi necklace.

6-IMG _ 1567 4-IMG _ 15645-IMG _ 1580

Did you like the look?

The dress you find in the online store Craze Clothing. They deliver all over the world and have very beautiful things at attractive prices. The cool thing about this store is that they draw and produce their own clothes, no fakes. And each item is created in a limited number so that each woman feels unique.

See more pictures of the dress here.

#OOTD-Sunday Look with Floral Mini Dress: Back at age 13.
OOTD stands for “Outfit of the Day”, namely: look of the day.

OOTD-Look of the day pink and print

OOTD-Look of the day pink and print

Today was the day of meeting in the city-more precisely in Bom Retiro-and a great opportunity to get out of the “bark”. I feel like I’m waking up from a period of hibernation. Waking Up gradually. Hibernation of many months: pregnancy + postpartum. Gradually I’m going to feel like a little bit, but I’m still a little short. The same person I know I will never again be, who can remain the same as before after motherhood?

Anyway, I loved having gone to Bom Retiro. And I loved using again that lookI had posted here in 2012 When I went to Milan, remember?


I’m back!

Trousers: Autre Chose
Top: Zara
Maxicolar and pouch: H & M

OOTD *-Outfit of the Day, is the Gringa hashtag for the look of the day.


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