A gastronomic tour of the city of São Paulo

A gastronomic tour of the city of São Paulo

A gastronomic tour of the city of São Paulo


In The rush of day to day, sometimes we do not realize the wonders that are very close to us. São Paulo is a city so dynamic that some amazing restaurants open and close without us even knowing, either because of internal problems or lack of disclosure.

I Decided to make a short list of interesting places and challenge me to meet them in a certain space of time. It May be 1 month or 3 months, I haven’t decided yet. Each one can do to himself, a similar challenge. Leaving the routine is essential for the good to live. You only Live once

Amadeus – Seafood

Haddock Lobo Street 807, São Paulo

The numerous compliments to the site make it essential to this list. Mediterranean and Brazilian Cuisine, heavily calced in seafood, has excellent location. With Classic décor and great service, it is a place suitable for a special meeting or a good celebration. You Can put it on your list because it’s worth it!

Kinoshita – Asian and vegetarian food

Jacques Felix Street 405, Sao Paulo

Those who like Japanese, Chinese and Thai food can not miss this restaurant. In Addition to Asian cuisine, it still has many options for those who do not like to eat meat, which makes it a great place to meet diverse friends and try the tasting menu. The Chef is always highly praised. I Have to prove everything!

Ristorantino -Italian

Dr. Melo Alves Street, 674 Jardins, Sao Paulo

Considered by many, the best Italian cuisine restaurant in São Paulo, the place deserves the fame gained. Exquisite and elegant Ambience, without losing the cozy essence. The menu is renewed with a certain frequency and the service is highly praised. It’s worth how much you charge.

PedidosJá – All Culinary

PedidosJá is one of my favorites when I feel like eating something delicious, but I don’t want to go to the restaurant. They make deliveries to most of the best restaurants in São Paulo, whether it’s a pizza, sushi, or Chinese cuisine-there’s something for every palate.


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