My Swatch and I

My Swatch and I

My current Swatch: silver bracelet and pale rose

During my seven years in Switzerland I came to love and admire the art of watchmaking, the technology behind expensive models, the manual work that the Swiss dedicate to the manufacture of each piece. I learned a lot about the industry and understood that the manufacturing process behind most pieces can be considered an artwork. In the country of watches I acquired the habit of wearing one. This post is about my passion for the most pop, most cheerful, young and creative brand of the Swiss watch market: Swatch.

Did I already tell you guys that I love Swatch watches? I had my first model in 2007, and since then I have always had a Swatch to call my own. Two months ago, since I returned to Brazil, my latest Swatch disappeared. I searched the whole house, even thought we had lost in the chaotic process of moving to another country. However yesterday, when opening a tiny velvet pouch in a drawer I found my watch. It was a moment like ‘my Swatch and me, the reunion,’ you know?

I like that Swatch watches are fun, there are models for different occasions and every year they come up with a new collection. Although Swatch watches are not expensive, in my opinion they are some sort of affordable luxury. During my master degree I used the brand as an example of a Swiss company engaged in social media! I like the way they communicate, using a young and fun language which can be translated into cheerful and colorful watches.

Some of the models I already had: this bracelet in silver with embroided flowers was the first one and although I don’t have it anymore it remains one of my favorite Swatches. A gift from my cheri, Erik.

Meu Swatch e eu, o reencontro Meu Swatch e eu, o reencontro

Meu Swatch e eu, o reencontro

I could not find a picture of the second model I wanted to show you guys, but this one above is very similar, with square box and colorful bracelet in a 70’s style.

I have not visited any Swatch store in Brazil yet to have an idea of prices, but in Switzerland prices start at 60 francs. I LOVE Swatch and could wear a different one each day of the week.

Pink sunglasses?

Pink sunglasses?

foto 2

I haven’t really joined the wave of mirrored sunglasses, the ones that reflect thousand colors and all that jazz, but I have to confess that I love colored frame sunglasses. It was only recently that acknowledge my taste for colored rims. Sometimes it is hard to get out of your comfort zone and let the classic black glasses aside. But when I saw these square Louis Vuitton sunglasses in a store in Milan I thought, “pink glasses? well, why not?” I decided I needed them in my life. I bought them without knowing when and how I would wear them.

The pair of pink LV shades looks red in the first picture, but they are the same sunnies from the photo below.

Óculos pink?

The truth is I do not need a “when” much less a “how” to wear them. I use them when I want, because after all, better than following the latest trends is to have your own style, don’t you think?

Look of the day: Green is the color of 2013

Look of the day: Green is the color of 2013

This wonderful sunshine in Geneva today and the awakening of nature inspired me to produce an all green outfit, the color of 2013. I have been wanting to talk about this color for quite some time, but instead of talking, it’s better to show. I put together a sleeveless tee, a floral tunic, green pants from Textures Fashion, pumps and some accessoires. Voilà, we have an outfit in the hottest color of the year. A green and floral production – more green than floral – in a casual look with a touch of chic.

image_6If you prefer something even more casual, bet on flat shoes. I would wear them on a hot summer day. A maxi bag would also go well with the look.

image_4 image_5These emerald green pants from Textures Fashion are gorgeous and the perfect color to make a fun composition, casual yet chic. The floral tunic was a gemstone hidden in a H&M store last summer. I love it!


Want to look even more carefree? Go without the tunic for a really ALL green look. With the right accessories it can only get better.

Green Pants – Textures Fashion
T-shirt, floral tunic, pumps and bag – H&M

Watches – The Male Perspective

Watches – The Male Perspective

By Erik Schaepers*


The Watch. Why do we wear it? There is a clock on my phone, in my car, on my computer, there is  a timepiece  everywhere. So what’s the point, then of wearing a watch?  The answer from a male perspective is: It is the last thing that men have left. For millennia, we used to wear amulets, chains, rings, charms, bracelets, we had headdresses and earrings, and we had big belts with heavy buckles and shiny weapons attached to them.

Today, all that is gone. We literally wear nothing on our bodies that states anything – apart from clothes that say “I don’t want to be cold outside”.In comes The Watch. The watch gives us a chance to state who we are and where we want to go. I have two watches. One is a green Swatch Irony which feels vey light on the wrist and looks trendy and almost DJ-like. I can wear it with anything, and it states “I am a modernist, I don’t live in the past”.

Compass Sphere HStern

I appreciate beauty, creativity and color. And green happens to be my favorite color, probably not a coincidence. My other watch is a Hans Stern Compass Sfera  – HStern – which sends quite a different  message. It states “I am a leader, not a follower. I don’t like to waste my time”. I wear it for business meetings and when my adorable wife and I go out to a special place at night.

“I love my two watches! I would feel kind of naked without a watch. And sometimes… sometimes I actually look at them to see what time it is.


*Music producer and composer – www.erikschaepers.com


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