Diversity and state Laico are themes of the Gay parade 2017

Diversity and state Laico are themes of the Gay parade 2017

State Laico is the theme of the 21st parade of LGBT Pride of São Paulo that takes place on 18 June 2017

“Regardless of our beliefs, no religion is law! All and all for a laic state “is your slogan.

Have you ever stopped to think about the role of religion in the vision people have about the LGBT community? Does religion help to raise awareness and foster a more open thought and acceptance and respect, or does it make its supporters observe and judge the world solely by the viewpoint of their religions? The discussion is valid and much needed in Brazil, where the number of members who try to bring religious agendas into politics only increases.

The 21st edition of the São Paulo LGBT Pride parade takes place Sunday, June 18, with concentration from 10am in front of the MASP, on Avenida Paulista. The movement is organized by the NGO APOGLBT SP (Association of Pride Parade of Gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender of São Paulo). For this edition, the theme is “Regardless of our beliefs, no religion is law! All and all for a secular state. “ This theme was discussed in several meetings throughout the year developed by the NGO in partnership with collectives, other Ngos LGBTs and independent militants where, among several issues, religious fundamentalism has gained within the policy great importance To the moral advances and setbacks on the issues related to diversity.

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To exemplify the importance of the theme in today’s society, the event against the sponsorship of two major brands: Uber and Skol. “We support the LGBT Pride parade because we are next to the flag of respect above all else. Since the last stop we have consolidated on this path. Supporting the LGBT parade is to foster culture by focusing on diversity and promoting first of all respect for the other. We are very proud to be part once more, “said Maria Fernanda Albuquerque, marketing Director at Skol.

Uber believes that everyone should have the right to be authentic in their individuality, sexual orientation and gender identity, and more than that, feel safe and respected. We seek to be allies of the LGBT community, not only on the day of Pride parade, but all year round., “said Ana Pellegrini, Uber’s legal director and diversity leader in Brazil.

On the theme Laico State, Claudia Regina, president of APOGLBT SP, says:

Our main enemies today are religious fundamentalists, groups of people within some religions who insist on condemning us and removing rights already acquired. In the National Congress, for example, the debate on the criminalisation of LGBTFobia is replete with attacks by parliamentarians from the religious and conservative bench, much of which using their parliamentary immunities to disseminate hatred to a portion of Population. Your arguments? Some cite their visions of faith, as if they were in their pulpits and not in an institution that should guarantee and orient themselves by the secularity, advocated in the Federal constitution of 88.

Countertop-Evangelica-homophobiaProgramming of the 21st LGBT Pride Parade
The 21st edition of the LGBT Pride Parade will have its concentration at 10 hours and start of the march at 13h with the first trio out. The path of the trios will be between Avenida Paulista and Rua da Consolação. The last trio arrives at Rua da Consolação at 18 o’clock. At the end of the parade, in the valley of the Anhangabaú, will take place from the 19 hours the closing Show of the manifestation of LGBT pride. Several artists will still be confirmed. Others, for contract reasons, can only be disclosed days before the event.
For now, the main attraction is Daniela Mercury in the trio of Skol and various cultural interventions promoted by the Artistic director Heitor Werneck at the beginning and during the demonstration.

Av Lock Paulista
The Av. Paulista will be blocked for cars from the 8 hours of June 18. The liberation of the avenue will happen after the cleaning of the urban route on Sunday. Rua da Consolação will be blocked for cars between 12h and 19 hours.

21st edition of the São Paulo LGBT Pride parade
– Theme: “Regardless of our beliefs, no religion is law! All and all for a laic state ”
– Schedule: from 10am to 18h
– Concentration: In front of the Masp, in Avenida Paulista-São Paulo/SP
– Achievement: APOGLBT
– Sponsorship: Skol, Uber and Doritos
– Support: Microsoft
– Institutional support: São Paulo City Hall
– APOGLBT’s full schedule: http://paradasp.org.br/agenda2017
– Official Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/105978123240834


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