Diversity and state Laico are themes of the Gay parade 2017

Diversity and state Laico are themes of the Gay parade 2017

State Laico is the theme of the 21st parade of LGBT Pride of São Paulo that takes place on 18 June 2017

“Regardless of our beliefs, no religion is law! All and all for a laic state “is your slogan.

Have you ever stopped to think about the role of religion in the vision people have about the LGBT community? Does religion help to raise awareness and foster a more open thought and acceptance and respect, or does it make its supporters observe and judge the world solely by the viewpoint of their religions? The discussion is valid and much needed in Brazil, where the number of members who try to bring religious agendas into politics only increases.

The 21st edition of the São Paulo LGBT Pride parade takes place Sunday, June 18, with concentration from 10am in front of the MASP, on Avenida Paulista. The movement is organized by the NGO APOGLBT SP (Association of Pride Parade of Gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender of São Paulo). For this edition, the theme is “Regardless of our beliefs, no religion is law! All and all for a secular state. “ This theme was discussed in several meetings throughout the year developed by the NGO in partnership with collectives, other Ngos LGBTs and independent militants where, among several issues, religious fundamentalism has gained within the policy great importance To the moral advances and setbacks on the issues related to diversity.

Brazilian state-Laico-sera-jpg

To exemplify the importance of the theme in today’s society, the event against the sponsorship of two major brands: Uber and Skol. “We support the LGBT Pride parade because we are next to the flag of respect above all else. Since the last stop we have consolidated on this path. Supporting the LGBT parade is to foster culture by focusing on diversity and promoting first of all respect for the other. We are very proud to be part once more, “said Maria Fernanda Albuquerque, marketing Director at Skol.

Uber believes that everyone should have the right to be authentic in their individuality, sexual orientation and gender identity, and more than that, feel safe and respected. We seek to be allies of the LGBT community, not only on the day of Pride parade, but all year round., “said Ana Pellegrini, Uber’s legal director and diversity leader in Brazil.

On the theme Laico State, Claudia Regina, president of APOGLBT SP, says:

Our main enemies today are religious fundamentalists, groups of people within some religions who insist on condemning us and removing rights already acquired. In the National Congress, for example, the debate on the criminalisation of LGBTFobia is replete with attacks by parliamentarians from the religious and conservative bench, much of which using their parliamentary immunities to disseminate hatred to a portion of Population. Your arguments? Some cite their visions of faith, as if they were in their pulpits and not in an institution that should guarantee and orient themselves by the secularity, advocated in the Federal constitution of 88.

Countertop-Evangelica-homophobiaProgramming of the 21st LGBT Pride Parade
The 21st edition of the LGBT Pride Parade will have its concentration at 10 hours and start of the march at 13h with the first trio out. The path of the trios will be between Avenida Paulista and Rua da Consolação. The last trio arrives at Rua da Consolação at 18 o’clock. At the end of the parade, in the valley of the Anhangabaú, will take place from the 19 hours the closing Show of the manifestation of LGBT pride. Several artists will still be confirmed. Others, for contract reasons, can only be disclosed days before the event.
For now, the main attraction is Daniela Mercury in the trio of Skol and various cultural interventions promoted by the Artistic director Heitor Werneck at the beginning and during the demonstration.

Av Lock Paulista
The Av. Paulista will be blocked for cars from the 8 hours of June 18. The liberation of the avenue will happen after the cleaning of the urban route on Sunday. Rua da Consolação will be blocked for cars between 12h and 19 hours.

21st edition of the São Paulo LGBT Pride parade
– Theme: “Regardless of our beliefs, no religion is law! All and all for a laic state ”
– Schedule: from 10am to 18h
– Concentration: In front of the Masp, in Avenida Paulista-São Paulo/SP
– Achievement: APOGLBT
– Sponsorship: Skol, Uber and Doritos
– Support: Microsoft
– Institutional support: São Paulo City Hall
– APOGLBT’s full schedule: http://paradasp.org.br/agenda2017
– Official Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/105978123240834

Meditation sung in the dark and new collaborations

Meditation sung in the dark and new collaborations

By Marcella Paula

The Luxury Passport has always been a space for Ana Paula to express herself! But since she is Phyna and lives in Germany, we find the difficulty to cover every legal agenda we have around here in Brazil. So, I’m putting out my journalistic veins and helping you with that, I’m going to steal just a little bit of your attention. Pleasure, I am Marcella, advisor of The Luxury Passport and that makes this blogger beak to ensure THAT the PL is always updated and bring the best news from The Bridge Europe-Brazil for you!

Meditation in the Dark

Inspired by the post of life coaching and the search for the reconnection of Ana Paula (post that you can see here), I was invited to participate in a meditation sung in the dark. I Was curious, I am completely passionate about music and meditating always takes us out of the problems of every day. I still didn’t know, but I’d have a very different experience and I’d meet amazing people.

The Show begins with the ritual of turning off the cell phones and the lights are slowly fading. It happens every last 5th of the month, in the City Warehouse, and in each encounter a guest conducts meditation. By virtue of this wonderful fate, the Rajesh Raman, was the time mediator and made us a meditation technique through respiration. If you still don’t know her work, search a little more here.

Meditation sung in the dark and new collaborations

The singing of urban Troumers happens after a good time of meditation and when we are already totally in the dark. According to them, “music in the Dark is an experience of coexistence, which provokes inspiration through music.” AHarvard study has proven that the brain changes from meditation. The audience is attentive to the show with the exercise of concentration and respiration, and perceives the melody and the lyrics in a different way. In my case, I observed quite what reaction and emotion every song caused me, it was surprising!

The next meditation in the dark will be May 25th, the 21h, in the City Warehouse, and will have mediation of Mirna Grzich, a reference in meditation in Brazil. The value is $45 per person, but the project has a discount partnership with the Free turnstile.

I hope I can talk more about my meeting with Renata Rocha and other covers around here. Tell Me what you think of the post? Do you have any doubts, criticism, Stts? assessoriapl@passaportedoluxo.com

The Women of Poker: Beauty and Power

The Women of Poker: Beauty and Power

That the Poker Universe has its own fashion trend cycle is known fact for those accompanying the sport: Although the professional icons have their own style, Every season a kind of look turns almost uniform on the felt. From Cowboy hats to flamboyous, flashy shirts, or from hooded sweatshirts to stylish suits, players ‘ clothing has always been something that drew the attention of the audience, as well as the matches themselves.

However, until recently this scenario was taken by male representatives almost entirely, and even women who played poker rarely participated in tournaments. The Good news is that they have been gaining more and more space in the sport. Although Most of the competitors are still made up of men, poker women have excelled and been featured in the media, especially because they represent important sports platforms. The Women of Poker: Beauty and Power,

Vanessa Selbst

The PokerStars Women’s Team professionals, for example, make up a strong group, known worldwide, and that collaborates to bring more equality to the sport, helping to expand the participation of this genre in the championships. And Besides the show of skills and professionalism, they also continue to dictate trends of the fashionworld, each with their own style, but all devastating.

Another player who has a simpler style is nothing less than the most award-winning woman in poker, Vanessa Selbst. Your style is well sporty, and is usually photographed wearing sweatshirt or sweater, and long-sleeved sweaters. In more chic events, it is possible to catch it with a social shirt and suit.

Going in the opposite direction, we have Celina Lin, Asian poker talent who usually bets on necklines, spaghetti blouses and clothes that shape the body. The Chinese is also adept at a more incremented and diversified look, which goes from elegant dresses to colorful ternests (pink shock, orange, chalk stripe), and lace blouses or with glitter. The reddish brown hair is always well-hairstyles and its trademark is the side fringed. She is a fan of accessories and is always of toys, bracelets and rings, but nothing in excess.
Another player who does model times is the Dutch Fatima Moreira De Melo (this name comes from the Father, Portuguese), the blonde He has posed several times in a bikini and the body outlined and shaped is due to the fact that she To be a practitioner not only of the sport of mind, but also Of Hockey, acareer in which he joins several titles and victories. He has Also participated and won a reality show, is a singer and jewelry designer. All This claw and ambition are evident in his confident look, which seems to vary according to his mood and occasion, going from more comfortable clothes and stripped at the poker tables to daring dresses, prints, transparencies and jewels away from the felt.

Finally, the way to dress often consists of some players ‘strategy , because the look can help disguise expressions that would deliver a bluff, and can serve to coerce an opponent or even distract him.

Interesting to know a little about the style of women in the world of Poker, don’t you think? Even More interesting is to know that there are strong women in the sport, with titles and victories, and with a lot of style!

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Flickr/World Poker Tour 
Flickr/World Poker Tour 
Flickr/World Poker Tour 
Ten photos that prove that Rihanna is rather a fashion diva

Ten photos that prove that Rihanna is rather a fashion diva

The singer Rihanna always gives what to talk with her looks. It launches trends at the same speed with which it launches hits! Rihanna is not only a trend-setter, she embraces the fresh novelties of the catwalks, rocks in the Streetstyle without fear of being happy, at the same time as You can dazzle everyone on the red carpet with a griffed dress in the best lady like style. I love Riri. I find it versatile, unpredictable, daring. Their fashion choices Go far beyond the obvious and what would be expected for a young pop singer. His looks are true declarations of authenticity that show a restless, glamorous and irreverent, talented and courageous personality.


Let’s see ten photos that prove That Rihanna is rather a fashion diva. Because to merit such a title has to dare, shock, be the best dressed of the event, or the most controversial. In short: Need to have daring to try new things and express your personality through fashion.

Let’s Start with this look from June 1, 2017, on the occasion of an Event In Los Angeles: A dress-shirt with nothing underneath, make natural and wet hair type “I just got out of the shower, stuck it here and came to the event”.


We Jump to the Cfda Fashion Awards 2014: Who else on this planet could seem so natural using such a model?Cfda

With a Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit, in 2009, with gloves and shoulders… Say, strangers.
810Still in 2014, when she became a Dior ambassador… What a Knockout, huh Riri?

Coachela 2017: “I Still can’t go home, because not everyone has seen my look yet,” said Rihanna on social networks. Gucci Look 100.
Pasted image 0Wearing outfit of his own collection. Notice The 17TH-century cut-Out shoes, the dress matelassiê and the print. Incidentally, this collection is called “Maria Antoinette working out,” Ha ha ha.
Pasted image 0-22015 at Good Morning America. Tell the truth, who else could use a look like that and face the world the next day?
Pasted image 0-3Right, guys? Pajamas are “What’s there” to get out of the house. But the crowd embarked on this and a lot of brand launched collections of clothes to stay at home to leave. Vixi was confused… It’s like the tendency to wear a sweater with a jump to go on an event.
Pasted image 0-5Met Gala 2015. Migues, why a mermaid style tube if I can wear THIS dress?

What screams more streetstyle than that look, my people? A little ride in London and we’ll see it on the streets, in the hills. Good Migas, the streetstyle of Rihanna alone gives an entire post.

NEW YORK, NY-MAY 01: Rihanna is seen arriving at the Carlyle Hotel to prepare for the

Many looks of Rihanna are considered vulgar by the press (after all, what is vulgar? Show your own body and feel good about yourself?), but one thing is certain: Rihanna NEVER goes unnoticed in a red carpet, either by the dazzle or the daring. It’s a fashion diva Thing.

A gastronomic tour of the city of São Paulo

A gastronomic tour of the city of São Paulo

A gastronomic tour of the city of São Paulo


In The rush of day to day, sometimes we do not realize the wonders that are very close to us. São Paulo is a city so dynamic that some amazing restaurants open and close without us even knowing, either because of internal problems or lack of disclosure.

I Decided to make a short list of interesting places and challenge me to meet them in a certain space of time. It May be 1 month or 3 months, I haven’t decided yet. Each one can do to himself, a similar challenge. Leaving the routine is essential for the good to live. You only Live once

Amadeus – Seafood

Haddock Lobo Street 807, São Paulo

The numerous compliments to the site make it essential to this list. Mediterranean and Brazilian Cuisine, heavily calced in seafood, has excellent location. With Classic décor and great service, it is a place suitable for a special meeting or a good celebration. You Can put it on your list because it’s worth it!

Kinoshita – Asian and vegetarian food

Jacques Felix Street 405, Sao Paulo

Those who like Japanese, Chinese and Thai food can not miss this restaurant. In Addition to Asian cuisine, it still has many options for those who do not like to eat meat, which makes it a great place to meet diverse friends and try the tasting menu. The Chef is always highly praised. I Have to prove everything!

Ristorantino -Italian

Dr. Melo Alves Street, 674 Jardins, Sao Paulo

Considered by many, the best Italian cuisine restaurant in São Paulo, the place deserves the fame gained. Exquisite and elegant Ambience, without losing the cozy essence. The menu is renewed with a certain frequency and the service is highly praised. It’s worth how much you charge.

PedidosJá – All Culinary

PedidosJá is one of my favorites when I feel like eating something delicious, but I don’t want to go to the restaurant. They make deliveries to most of the best restaurants in São Paulo, whether it’s a pizza, sushi, or Chinese cuisine-there’s something for every palate.

Vogue and my 5 months of pregnancy (now 6!)

Vogue and my 5 months of pregnancy (now 6!)

Vogue, piscina e meus cinco meses de gravidez

Now I can say that I am not embarrassed anymore about showing off my belly. Actually, I was not exactly embarrassed, I was shy, after all so many changes are taking place. Today I went to the pool in my building showing to whom my want to see my five (now 6!) months baby bump with the latest French Vogue. I took photos in the water and was mesmerized when I saw the images. I think there comes a time in pregnancy when we feel the need to show the world that something amazing is going on in our belly.

Oh, have I told you guys the baby’s name? João Marcelo! I love that name, I think it’s strong and beautiful. And very Brazilian too!!

Vogue, piscina e meus cinco meses de gravidez

Tell me: what do you think of white framed sunglasses? I do not know why this is but I think it suits an afternoon buy the pool. I can’t help but think how chic it is! Years ago, I thought white framed sunnies were something very 50’s and not for everyone. I obviously changed my mind.

In the pictures I took this afternoon, you can see a pair of Italian Moschino.

Oh and I missed Winter in São Paulo, it is so different from the Swiss one! What a delight to have the privilege of sunbathing in my bikini in July!

Vogue, piscina e meus cinco meses de gravidez



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