8 things your capsule work wardrobe needs

8 things your capsule work wardrobe needs

Capsule wardrobes may sound complicated, but all it takes is a few key pieces to transform your daily struggle to find something to wear into a series of effortlessly chic ensembles:

8 things your capsule work wardrobe needs

1. Court shoes

Whether you go for patent or matte leather, the crucial consideration here is comfort. Nothing kills a professional impression like tripping in your heels, so don’t go higher than you can handle.  

2. Pencil skirt

An eternal work wardrobe essential, this is a classic cut that works for all shapes and sizes. Just make sure yours fits comfortably around your hips and waist and that the hems sits just below or above your knees.

3. Blazer

Perfect power dressing requires sharp tailoring and the blazer is a versatile, must-have piece – don’t be afraid to look at brighter colours, or even patterns. 

4. Flattering trousers

It may take a while to find your perfect fit, but once you do, these should be a fail-safe confidence booster. This season, look out for cigarette cuts in dark blue or grey. 

5. White shirt

If it’s good enough for Carolina Herrera, it’s good enough for us! Just make sure yours is beautifully fitted, stylishly cut and always impeccably ironed. 

6. Shift dress

See Mad Men for proof of the style impact of these dresses: classy and feminine, they work equally well with black heels, wedges or even flats. 

7. Statement necklace

Adding an instant dash of personality to an otherwise professional appearance, a good jewellery collection is the easiest way to update timeless outfits. Opt for chunky necklaces in bright colours and layer over a collared shirt or cashmere jumper. 

8. Wedges 

However gorgeous your stilettos are, some days it’s just not worth the pain – and no matter how many people do it, the suit-and-trainers commuter look has never been a winner. Take pity on your feet without sacrificing your fashion credentials by investing in some smart and supportive wedge heels. 

The 6 trends you’ll love wearing in 2014

The 6 trends you’ll love wearing in 2014

It’s a new year and that means one thing; new trends to fill your wardrobe! When the cold, dark nights leave you feeling down in the dumps, start planning the killer outfits you’re going to be wearing in the coming months and you’ll instantly feel better. If you need a little inspiration to show you the light, take a look at these six must-have trends for 2014.

The-6-trends-you'll-love-wearing-in-2014 (1)

Tea-length skirts

Tea-length is when the hem sits between your knee and mid-calf, and it’s the ‘it’ length this year. Whether you prefer a pencil skirt or more of an A-line, there’ll be a host of cuts to choose from to suit your shape.


There are several ways you can adapt this trend to match your tastes, so don’t be put off if you’re not a fan of animal print. Playsuits in beige, cream or khaki, double-breasted jackets and even flowing maxi dresses can update your wardrobe with some safari-inspired glamour.

Collarless blazers

A wardrobe staple for every age, the classic blazer has been modernised with a collarless twist. With designers making them in every imaginable fabric, go for a dark tweed for now and switch to light cotton in summer. 

Matching prints

Anyone with a touch of OCD about co-ordinating will love this key trend for spring: after endless seasons of clashing prints, matching is back and bolder than ever, with some catwalks showing dresses, shoes and even bags all in the same stripes.

Monochrome geometric

Coming straight from Milan Fashion Week with a little bit of a 60s edge, this is the fast route to an effortlessly high-fashion look. Team a patterned skirt with a solid black top, or nail two trends in one by matching your monochrome geometric prints top and bottom.

Wide-legged trousers

All manner of wide-legged trousers are in this season: patterned, solid, pleated, gaucho-length, floor-sweeping and more – so there’s no excuse for not finding at least one style that’s worth trading your skinny jeans for.

Dressing for your body shape

Dressing for your body shape

Rather than struggling into the latest trends, make your wardrobe work for you!

We girls are almost never happy with what we’ve got. Curvaceous women would like a more slim silhouette, skinny girls work hard to build muscles. From changing the size of our bra cup to wearing waist bands to trick the mirror, we’ve tried it all. Now here is what we need to live happy and always look good no matter what body we have: to dress for our body shape!


This super feminine figure boasts a full bust and hips with a narrow waist. Show off your fabulous curves without looking frumpy in a fitted dress with a wide belt and pencil skirt, teamed with a tailored jacket. Avoid loose designs, and beware of all-over patterns that can swamp your gorgeous frame.


Ladies with an apple shape have broad shoulders, a less defined waistline and slender legs. Opt for a sleek line that skims your stomach, and choose V-necks that put your shoulders back in proportion with your slim hips. Avoid short jackets, which add unwanted width, and don’t be afraid to show off your perfect pins in flattering skirts and dresses.



One of the most common body shapes in Britain, pears have narrow shoulders, a slimmer bust and curvy hips and bums. Draw the eye upwards by wearing bright colours and statement jewellery on your top half, and experiment with party dresses with big sleeves or collars. Halter-necks also balance out a wider bottom half, so there are plenty of options open for those with this figure – get more inspiration from perfect pear Beyoncé!


You don’t have to be an Olympian to have this body type! Athletic ladies have a slender frame from shoulder to hips. Create curves with A-line skirts that flow out from the waist and peplums that broaden hips. A narrow belt will help give shape to a simple shift dress, while halter-necks show off your strong shoulder line.


Another fruity figure, strawberries are the opposite of pears, with a full bust and wide shoulders slimming down to a narrow waist and hips. Choose full skirted dresses with colour on the bottom half, and go for V-necks instead of strappy or halter-neck tops, puff sleeves or ruffles, which broaden shoulders. Minimise accessories on top, but go to town with a pair of statement shoes.

OOTD-Look of the day pink and print

OOTD-Look of the day pink and print

Today was the day of meeting in the city-more precisely in Bom Retiro-and a great opportunity to get out of the “bark”. I feel like I’m waking up from a period of hibernation. Waking Up gradually. Hibernation of many months: pregnancy + postpartum. Gradually I’m going to feel like a little bit, but I’m still a little short. The same person I know I will never again be, who can remain the same as before after motherhood?

Anyway, I loved having gone to Bom Retiro. And I loved using again that lookI had posted here in 2012 When I went to Milan, remember?


I’m back!

Trousers: Autre Chose
Top: Zara
Maxicolar and pouch: H & M

OOTD *-Outfit of the Day, is the Gringa hashtag for the look of the day.

My Swatch and I

My Swatch and I

My current Swatch: silver bracelet and pale rose

During my seven years in Switzerland I came to love and admire the art of watchmaking, the technology behind expensive models, the manual work that the Swiss dedicate to the manufacture of each piece. I learned a lot about the industry and understood that the manufacturing process behind most pieces can be considered an artwork. In the country of watches I acquired the habit of wearing one. This post is about my passion for the most pop, most cheerful, young and creative brand of the Swiss watch market: Swatch.

Did I already tell you guys that I love Swatch watches? I had my first model in 2007, and since then I have always had a Swatch to call my own. Two months ago, since I returned to Brazil, my latest Swatch disappeared. I searched the whole house, even thought we had lost in the chaotic process of moving to another country. However yesterday, when opening a tiny velvet pouch in a drawer I found my watch. It was a moment like ‘my Swatch and me, the reunion,’ you know?

I like that Swatch watches are fun, there are models for different occasions and every year they come up with a new collection. Although Swatch watches are not expensive, in my opinion they are some sort of affordable luxury. During my master degree I used the brand as an example of a Swiss company engaged in social media! I like the way they communicate, using a young and fun language which can be translated into cheerful and colorful watches.

Some of the models I already had: this bracelet in silver with embroided flowers was the first one and although I don’t have it anymore it remains one of my favorite Swatches. A gift from my cheri, Erik.

Meu Swatch e eu, o reencontro Meu Swatch e eu, o reencontro

Meu Swatch e eu, o reencontro

I could not find a picture of the second model I wanted to show you guys, but this one above is very similar, with square box and colorful bracelet in a 70’s style.

I have not visited any Swatch store in Brazil yet to have an idea of prices, but in Switzerland prices start at 60 francs. I LOVE Swatch and could wear a different one each day of the week.

Pink sunglasses?

Pink sunglasses?

foto 2

I haven’t really joined the wave of mirrored sunglasses, the ones that reflect thousand colors and all that jazz, but I have to confess that I love colored frame sunglasses. It was only recently that acknowledge my taste for colored rims. Sometimes it is hard to get out of your comfort zone and let the classic black glasses aside. But when I saw these square Louis Vuitton sunglasses in a store in Milan I thought, “pink glasses? well, why not?” I decided I needed them in my life. I bought them without knowing when and how I would wear them.

The pair of pink LV shades looks red in the first picture, but they are the same sunnies from the photo below.

Óculos pink?

The truth is I do not need a “when” much less a “how” to wear them. I use them when I want, because after all, better than following the latest trends is to have your own style, don’t you think?


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