The Women of Poker: Beauty and Power

The Women of Poker: Beauty and Power

That the Poker Universe has its own fashion trend cycle is known fact for those accompanying the sport: Although the professional icons have their own style, Every season a kind of look turns almost uniform on the felt. From Cowboy hats to flamboyous, flashy shirts, or from hooded sweatshirts to stylish suits, players ‘ clothing has always been something that drew the attention of the audience, as well as the matches themselves.

However, until recently this scenario was taken by male representatives almost entirely, and even women who played poker rarely participated in tournaments. The Good news is that they have been gaining more and more space in the sport. Although Most of the competitors are still made up of men, poker women have excelled and been featured in the media, especially because they represent important sports platforms. The Women of Poker: Beauty and Power,

Vanessa Selbst

The PokerStars Women’s Team professionals, for example, make up a strong group, known worldwide, and that collaborates to bring more equality to the sport, helping to expand the participation of this genre in the championships. And Besides the show of skills and professionalism, they also continue to dictate trends of the fashionworld, each with their own style, but all devastating.

Another player who has a simpler style is nothing less than the most award-winning woman in poker, Vanessa Selbst. Your style is well sporty, and is usually photographed wearing sweatshirt or sweater, and long-sleeved sweaters. In more chic events, it is possible to catch it with a social shirt and suit.

Going in the opposite direction, we have Celina Lin, Asian poker talent who usually bets on necklines, spaghetti blouses and clothes that shape the body. The Chinese is also adept at a more incremented and diversified look, which goes from elegant dresses to colorful ternests (pink shock, orange, chalk stripe), and lace blouses or with glitter. The reddish brown hair is always well-hairstyles and its trademark is the side fringed. She is a fan of accessories and is always of toys, bracelets and rings, but nothing in excess.
Another player who does model times is the Dutch Fatima Moreira De Melo (this name comes from the Father, Portuguese), the blonde He has posed several times in a bikini and the body outlined and shaped is due to the fact that she To be a practitioner not only of the sport of mind, but also Of Hockey, acareer in which he joins several titles and victories. He has Also participated and won a reality show, is a singer and jewelry designer. All This claw and ambition are evident in his confident look, which seems to vary according to his mood and occasion, going from more comfortable clothes and stripped at the poker tables to daring dresses, prints, transparencies and jewels away from the felt.

Finally, the way to dress often consists of some players ‘strategy , because the look can help disguise expressions that would deliver a bluff, and can serve to coerce an opponent or even distract him.

Interesting to know a little about the style of women in the world of Poker, don’t you think? Even More interesting is to know that there are strong women in the sport, with titles and victories, and with a lot of style!

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Ten photos that prove that Rihanna is rather a fashion diva

Ten photos that prove that Rihanna is rather a fashion diva

The singer Rihanna always gives what to talk with her looks. It launches trends at the same speed with which it launches hits! Rihanna is not only a trend-setter, she embraces the fresh novelties of the catwalks, rocks in the Streetstyle without fear of being happy, at the same time as You can dazzle everyone on the red carpet with a griffed dress in the best lady like style. I love Riri. I find it versatile, unpredictable, daring. Their fashion choices Go far beyond the obvious and what would be expected for a young pop singer. His looks are true declarations of authenticity that show a restless, glamorous and irreverent, talented and courageous personality.


Let’s see ten photos that prove That Rihanna is rather a fashion diva. Because to merit such a title has to dare, shock, be the best dressed of the event, or the most controversial. In short: Need to have daring to try new things and express your personality through fashion.

Let’s Start with this look from June 1, 2017, on the occasion of an Event In Los Angeles: A dress-shirt with nothing underneath, make natural and wet hair type “I just got out of the shower, stuck it here and came to the event”.


We Jump to the Cfda Fashion Awards 2014: Who else on this planet could seem so natural using such a model?Cfda

With a Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit, in 2009, with gloves and shoulders… Say, strangers.
810Still in 2014, when she became a Dior ambassador… What a Knockout, huh Riri?

Coachela 2017: “I Still can’t go home, because not everyone has seen my look yet,” said Rihanna on social networks. Gucci Look 100.
Pasted image 0Wearing outfit of his own collection. Notice The 17TH-century cut-Out shoes, the dress matelassiê and the print. Incidentally, this collection is called “Maria Antoinette working out,” Ha ha ha.
Pasted image 0-22015 at Good Morning America. Tell the truth, who else could use a look like that and face the world the next day?
Pasted image 0-3Right, guys? Pajamas are “What’s there” to get out of the house. But the crowd embarked on this and a lot of brand launched collections of clothes to stay at home to leave. Vixi was confused… It’s like the tendency to wear a sweater with a jump to go on an event.
Pasted image 0-5Met Gala 2015. Migues, why a mermaid style tube if I can wear THIS dress?

What screams more streetstyle than that look, my people? A little ride in London and we’ll see it on the streets, in the hills. Good Migas, the streetstyle of Rihanna alone gives an entire post.

NEW YORK, NY-MAY 01: Rihanna is seen arriving at the Carlyle Hotel to prepare for the

Many looks of Rihanna are considered vulgar by the press (after all, what is vulgar? Show your own body and feel good about yourself?), but one thing is certain: Rihanna NEVER goes unnoticed in a red carpet, either by the dazzle or the daring. It’s a fashion diva Thing.

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!

You Walk with your toenail, brittle, unfunny fingernails? Let’s solve this, gal. Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails! With Suggestions I received from the staff of Risqué and I found it very cool to post. The time to make nails is considered a true beauty ritual for many women. However, it is important to remember that beautiful nails are not just about color, it is necessary to take care of the health of the nails so that they become even more beautiful.

Check out ten valuable tips to shine until the next enamelled!

Hydration always
Beautiful Fingernails start with hydrated hands and cuticles. One suggestion is the cream 2 in 1 Risqué, which provides 24 hours of hydration and softness, besides helping to soften the cuticles.

Pause required (This tip is important!)
Removing the enamel one day before enameling again is an important step to ensure healthier nails. You can use a serum repairer to moisturize and restore your nails.

1910-Comment-avoir-des-ongles-parfaits _2Choose the base
The application of the base is one of the most important stages of the manicuriation process, since this is the product that will have direct contact with the nails. Therefore, the choice of hypoallergenic products is essential. Several brands of enamels possess these products, including Risqué itself, which has three basic options in its Technology line, all hypoallergenic. In Addition to assisting in nail protection, a good base increases the durability of the enamel.


Tips for applying
The secret to a good enameling begins with the way the enamel is applied. Professionals in the area indicate the use of only one base layer and two layers of enamel on the nails – which, in general, are enough to ensure a good coverage and a perfect result. The tip is enameled with thinner layers and, after this step, use the glossy cover to prolong the duration and brightness of the enamel. For each layer, the application must be performed by passing a maximum of four times the brush with enamel on the nail, following the step by step below:

Risqué Nails

Step 1: Remove the excess product from the brush, and position it in the center of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 2: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 3: Position the brush on the right side of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 4: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 5: Position the brush on the left side of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 6: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 7: If necessary, finalize the application with one more brush stroke.


Use Hypoallergenic
To have fully treated nails, it is important to use hypoallergenic products – which avoid possible allergies – in all stages of manicuriation, as they contribute to the health of your nails.

Don’t forget the shiny frosting!
The main tip To protect the enamel and increase its durability is to apply a glossy cover About him. This type of product forms a film that protects the color, in addition to renewing the gloss of the enamel.
Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!
Avoid Smuts
To protect freshly enamelled nails from beats, scratches and dust, always count on the help of products such as spray and secant oil. I Don’t know about you, but I prefer the oil, because the spray always leaves balls on the fingernails.

Run away from the balls!
The undesirable “polka dots” appear mainly on three occasions: when the ambient temperature is too high; When the enamel is stored in a warm place or when the packaging is not properly closed, modifying the enamel texture. To prevent them, the tip is to avoid making nails in very hot environments (where we achieve this in the months of January and February?), store the enamels in places away from heat or sunlight, apply thin layers of enamel and finalize the process with the cover Bright.


Forget the Acetone!
Acetone is a more aggressive product for nails, as in addition to removing the enamel, it removes the water from the nails and the cuticles, leaving them dry and brittle and decreasing the durability of the next enamels. The remover, in turn, does not have acetone, and contains more moisturizing assets. This makes the product efficient in removing the enamel without being harmful to the health of the nails, softening the process of removing the enamel.

Removers Options

Wear Gloves!
Water, soap, cleaning products and friction. The daily combinations used during housekeeping wear the enamel, decreasing its durability in the nails. Although None of these products have the ability to “dissolve” nail enamel, it is important to use a glove before day-to-day tasks to protect the enameling.

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!This is a spontaneous post with tips I received from Risqué, leader in the Enamels segment in Brazil and more than 50 years of history in the beauty products market.

PatBo and C & A together again! See the pieces of the collection

PatBo and C & A together again! See the pieces of the collection

Tropical Prints, leaves and flowers are the hallmark of the third collection of Stylist Patricia Bonaldi in partnership With C &Amp; A. The color of the time is white, and the fluidity gives the tone of what we can expect from the next season: a lot of femininity. Bomber Jackets, cropped tops, blouses, skirts A, minis and short straps or long dresses with strategic moorings are some of the pieces designed by the stylist.

PatBo and C & A together again! See the pieces of the collection
20170825_C & A_PatBO_foto07

The pieces reach the e-commerce Of C &Amp; A October 26, and in selected Stores throughout Brazil in the 31. So you know, right? You Have to run to get a play, ‘ cause they’re flying the Araras! Click on the photos to see in real tamamho.

OOTD – Look do dia executivo com calça de cintura alta

OOTD – Look do dia executivo com calça de cintura alta

Com a participação mais do que especial do meu filho João Marcelo.

Faz muuuito tempo que eu não posto um look do dia. Sou meio tímida para isso, e sempre acho que meus looks não são tão bacanas quanto os que vejo por aí. Hoje faço questão de postar esse look do dia executivo com calça de cintura alta, casaco e mochila linda burgundy. A calça e a mochila vistas nesse look me foram enviados pela Yoins. E como achei as peças lindas, resolvi compor um look e postar aqui.


Achei a composição perfeita para aqueles dias em que você PRECISA arrasar no trabalho, seja num almoço com cliente, reunião de diretoria ou com o chefe. E por que não se vestir assim para uma entrevista de emprego? Se a primeira impressão é mesmo a que fica, você certamente será lembrada pela elegância. Fiz um look para o clima europeu e para uma ocasião profissional especial (que contarei depois), porém, para usá-lo no Brasil, basta tirar o casacão e substituir as botas por um par de escarpins.

Estou muito apaixonada por essa mochila burgundy da Yoins. Faz tempo que eu venho postando que quero uma mochila. Já até escrevi post sobre a volta delas (clica pra ver ). Essa chegou na hora certa, e a cor é linda!

Já a calça de boca larga e cintura alta é muito elegante. Um curinga no guarda-roupa, pois dá para criar vários looks diferentes com ela. Funciona no verão com top de alças e rasteira, no inverno com bota, escarpins e pulloveres mais encorpados. E gente, cintura alta é o must! Deixa a silhueta refinada e esconde a barriguinha. Para ficar mais chique, coloquei por cima um cinto largo.

Escolhi uma blusa verde para contrastar bem, e o burgundy da mochila – que também pode ser usada de lado como bolsa – criam um efeito de cores interessante. E como já tinha contraste de cores o suficiente, optei por um colar da mesma cor da blusa pra suavizar o look.


DSC_0198 DSC_0201 DSC_0197

DSC_0191DSC_0214DSC_0212 DSC_0222 DSC_0226DSC_0227



Para ver essa mochila linda e essa calça de cintura alta, visitem a loja da Yoins!
Y O I N S!

Calça: veja aqui –>Y O I N S
Mochila: veja aqui –>Y O I N S
Blusa e casaco: Kookai France
Botas: Zara
Óculos: Isabela Capeto para Chili Beans
Fotos: Erik Schapers (maridinho)

Neon and Artmaia hit it off in Sao Paulo!

Neon and Artmaia hit it off in Sao Paulo!

Artmaia, a new “paulista” fashion brand, entered in a joint venture with Neon, the label of famous designers Dudu Bertholini and Rita Comparato. This week, they launched their new collection at Artmaia’s showroom in Sao Paulo. Dudu and Rita had created 16 print patterns to be used in 80 different models: they will lend a distinct and exotic flair to Artmaia’s new collection. Artmaia are making ultra-feminine fashion whilst paying extra attention to detail and quality.

Marcos Maia (dono da Artmaia), Dudu Bertholini (da Neon), Priscila Maia (dona da Artmaia) e Rita Comparato (da Neon)

I had the pleasure to see the collection up close: lots of dresses with print patterns all over, long skirts and the famous “kaftans” by Dudu Bertolini. The pieces are light and – in spite of the exotism and exquisite beauty of the pieces – are easy to use.I had not heard about Artmaia before, but as soon as I saw their website, I fell in love with their creations. First of all, I am excited and happy to see a brand making affordable and beautiful clothes. Second, they make a real effort to organize classy photo shootings of them – and last but not least I love their work, full of details with embroidery and lace, and lots of pieces made of leather, too !

Their “Camisaria” aka shirt department is quite a case apart.  The main focus of the brand since its foundation, Artmaia shirts are flawless and come in a wide variety of fabrics and designs. Forget the small-square-straight-button kinda shirt..! We are talking about shirts with different cuts, with small decorative details like lace and such that make ALL the difference. The brand has established itself in the market, and their partnership with Neon is the testimony and cherry on the cake of their growth and success. Dudu Bertholini has already invested heavily in this new niche of partnerships and licensing: recently he did a “limited edition” collection for Riachuelo Fashion Five and O Boticário.The designs created for Artmaia are always cheerful and sensual, they make you think of a vibrant woman, full of personality, unafraid and daring.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.

I think this new wave of partnerships between accessible brands and renowned designers is awesome. It essentially gives us a chance to get our hands on clothes signed by the masters, whilst paying no no more bling -bling than we can honestly afford.

Fashion as an industry can only grow and profit from this, and the International Republic of Fashionistas says Thank You!


O Passaporte voltou, sempre interagindo com seus seguidores, com dicas e informações do mundo da moda, beleza, turismo e decoração, com um olhar de quem vive buscando o inusitado!

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