Kiehl’s, testing the line with white clay from the Amazon

Kiehl’s, testing the line with white clay from the Amazon

Today I went to do some things in the center of Geneva, and as I had to wait for the Marlet to return home I ended up passing the Manor department store. Among so many beautiful things and mega luxury and no money to shop, my attention turned to the booth of Kiehl’s, a brand with over 160 years of history and a very innovative proposal of cosmetics for face, body and hair. Photo 1

What attracted me at first was the old pharmacy look of the packages. In That, the attendant called me and began to introduce me to the brand. Did a skin test with me completely free, and based on the results presented me a range of products suited to my skin type. Until Then, attendance Note 10!

But What was good was even better when she told me that she would give me samples of ALL the products indicated for my skin so that I could test them myself at home and thus get to know the products of the brand. I thought it was awesome. This is what is customer service, apart from the strategy to turn a curious like me into user of the brand. Only with that attitude have won many points with me, and during the week I will test all the Produtinhos.

In Addition, whoever buys Kiehl’s cosmetics can in their store even return the empty packages to be recycled. And of course, the client gets pampering by doing it.Photo 2I can’t talk about the products, because I haven’t used them yet, but something tells me I’m going to love that brand. Oh and one more thing: at Kiehl’s They’re not worried about having beautiful and chic packaging, so much so that the jars are simple and they keep that pharmacy air from the 30s. They prefer to invest in the content, so told me the attendant.

Too Cool, huh? All samples are from a line containing white clay from the Amazon.

When The samples finish I come here write about each product: Daily face Cleaner (Rare earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser), Pore minimising lotion (Rare earth Pore Minimizer Lotion), Mask (Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque), exfoliant, serum Anti and sunscreen.

Kiehl’s Brazil


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