Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care


It’s been three weeks since I’ve been using a medical line of organic and vegan facial cosmetics. I Will be very sincere and confess that I always thought that these cosmetics were ‘ inferior ‘ to traditional cosmetics. I Think this is a prejudice that many of us have, but it’s past the time to leave it behind. REVIEW BIOMED-organic and Vergano facial skin care. I Participated in a research on the new packaging of brand products and, as a thank you, I won the products below and I started to test them as part of the research. The Line won me on the first day of use! I’m using the 5-in-1 Cleanser for the face and eyes, the cream for The Eye Area Forget your age and the anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream Forget your age.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

I’m going to start talking about the Cleanser 5-in-1 face cleaner because it’s an amazing product. It cleans, regulates the ph, detoxifies and moisturizes, and is recommended for sensitive and troubled skins. Guys, I’ve never used a product like this. It does Not contain detergents, does not foam and its consistency is that of a cream. You can pass it on dry face (or wet if you prefer) and massage until full absorption before washing with water. At the beginning the sensation is different, because we are used with cleaners that make foam and tals. The skin is smooth, soft and clean! This product is show! Out with a little taste ofit, very soft. And the best: it does not leave the face with that ‘ stretched ‘ skin feeling that many cleaning gels leave. Did I Mention he removes all the makeup? Natural 99.7 Product.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

The Forget Your Age Facial Moisturizer has firming action and anti-wrinkle. The novelty of this product is that it “rejuvenates” skin cells, according to the manufacturer. Our cells age and die every 21 days. That is: every three weeks the cells are replaced by other brand new ones and we get that beautiful face, bright and young:) But as we grow older, this process slows down, the adult stem cells become old, lose the vitality and the ability to divide. The Moisturizer Forget Your Age works in these cells, giving that rejuvenated in them. The active ingredient of the product is Phycojuvenine, extracted from brown seaweed. It Also contains karitê butter, argan oil, avocado oil and aloe vera, as well as cotton seed oil.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

This Cream is wonderful! What I liked most about it was the luminosity that gets on the skin after it’s applied. And that feeling of face well cared for. The skin looks beautiful, uniform, luminous and firm all day, not just in the minutes following use. I’m simply loving this product. His consistency in contact with the skin is somewhat different from that of a common cosmetic. But nothing to collapse it. 20170516_130359-1The cream for The Eye Region Forget Your Age Is Done With phycojuvenine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and jojoba oil. It Has antioxidant properties and acts against free radicals. I Am using this product and I do not have much to say about it, because I have no chicken feet (yet), just a few lines below the eyes. But I’ve noticed that the eye area is more enlightened. If you’re as good as the rest of the line, you’ll make me very satisfied.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

BIOMED products are about 99.7 natural, untested in animals, does not contain paraben, does not contain phenoxyethanol and contains no mineral oil. They Can be bought in pharmacies in almost all of Europe. Prices are very affordable. The face cream, for example, does not cost 25 euros.

More information on the website of BioMed (site in several languages)

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!

You Walk with your toenail, brittle, unfunny fingernails? Let’s solve this, gal. Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails! With Suggestions I received from the staff of Risqué and I found it very cool to post. The time to make nails is considered a true beauty ritual for many women. However, it is important to remember that beautiful nails are not just about color, it is necessary to take care of the health of the nails so that they become even more beautiful.

Check out ten valuable tips to shine until the next enamelled!

Hydration always
Beautiful Fingernails start with hydrated hands and cuticles. One suggestion is the cream 2 in 1 Risqué, which provides 24 hours of hydration and softness, besides helping to soften the cuticles.

Pause required (This tip is important!)
Removing the enamel one day before enameling again is an important step to ensure healthier nails. You can use a serum repairer to moisturize and restore your nails.

1910-Comment-avoir-des-ongles-parfaits _2Choose the base
The application of the base is one of the most important stages of the manicuriation process, since this is the product that will have direct contact with the nails. Therefore, the choice of hypoallergenic products is essential. Several brands of enamels possess these products, including Risqué itself, which has three basic options in its Technology line, all hypoallergenic. In Addition to assisting in nail protection, a good base increases the durability of the enamel.


Tips for applying
The secret to a good enameling begins with the way the enamel is applied. Professionals in the area indicate the use of only one base layer and two layers of enamel on the nails – which, in general, are enough to ensure a good coverage and a perfect result. The tip is enameled with thinner layers and, after this step, use the glossy cover to prolong the duration and brightness of the enamel. For each layer, the application must be performed by passing a maximum of four times the brush with enamel on the nail, following the step by step below:

Risqué Nails

Step 1: Remove the excess product from the brush, and position it in the center of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 2: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 3: Position the brush on the right side of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 4: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 5: Position the brush on the left side of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 6: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 7: If necessary, finalize the application with one more brush stroke.


Use Hypoallergenic
To have fully treated nails, it is important to use hypoallergenic products – which avoid possible allergies – in all stages of manicuriation, as they contribute to the health of your nails.

Don’t forget the shiny frosting!
The main tip To protect the enamel and increase its durability is to apply a glossy cover About him. This type of product forms a film that protects the color, in addition to renewing the gloss of the enamel.
Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!
Avoid Smuts
To protect freshly enamelled nails from beats, scratches and dust, always count on the help of products such as spray and secant oil. I Don’t know about you, but I prefer the oil, because the spray always leaves balls on the fingernails.

Run away from the balls!
The undesirable “polka dots” appear mainly on three occasions: when the ambient temperature is too high; When the enamel is stored in a warm place or when the packaging is not properly closed, modifying the enamel texture. To prevent them, the tip is to avoid making nails in very hot environments (where we achieve this in the months of January and February?), store the enamels in places away from heat or sunlight, apply thin layers of enamel and finalize the process with the cover Bright.


Forget the Acetone!
Acetone is a more aggressive product for nails, as in addition to removing the enamel, it removes the water from the nails and the cuticles, leaving them dry and brittle and decreasing the durability of the next enamels. The remover, in turn, does not have acetone, and contains more moisturizing assets. This makes the product efficient in removing the enamel without being harmful to the health of the nails, softening the process of removing the enamel.

Removers Options

Wear Gloves!
Water, soap, cleaning products and friction. The daily combinations used during housekeeping wear the enamel, decreasing its durability in the nails. Although None of these products have the ability to “dissolve” nail enamel, it is important to use a glove before day-to-day tasks to protect the enameling.

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!This is a spontaneous post with tips I received from Risqué, leader in the Enamels segment in Brazil and more than 50 years of history in the beauty products market.

How the face lift ends with sagging and falling muscles

How the face lift ends with sagging and falling muscles

How the face lift ends with sagging and falling muscles


A Facial Lifting is an aesthetic procedure capable of removing or reducing small wrinkles of expression and the sagging of the face caused by the aging process. In a traditional facial face lift, the skin is repositioned, as well as the deep structures of the face such as muscle structures and fat, which returns harmony and muscle tone to the face.

Do You have to take anesthesia to do this procedure?
For the procedure, the patient should be anesthetized or sedated until his face is completely numb. Then the surgeon should make an incision that starts in the area on the forehead and circulates the whole region around the ears. The skin is lifted, and the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened. During The procedure the surgeon can remove all excess fat and skin from the patient. The skin is then redrawn over the face and the incision is sutured. The incision usually follows along the hair line or in a place where the skin naturally has a crease, so it does not become apparent after surgery.

A neck lift can be done in conjunction with the face lift. This procedure allows to remove sagging and all loose skin under the chin. The incision starts at the front of the earlobe and goes to the back of the ear to the scalp.


What’s with the face lift?
The facelift is the surgical procedure capable of transforming an aged face into a younger face, eliminating small wrinkles of expression and muscular sagging. In addition, the facial facelift stretches the skin of the face, allowing skin rejuvenation. That is, the facelift is an aesthetic procedure capable of making a face younger and healthier looking. The patient will continue to age, but the facelift really is able to make the time clock return in a few years. For Some people, surgery can increase self-confidence and reduce anxiety due to the aging process. However, the face lift can not reverse the damage caused by the sun or remove all the facial wrinkles existing around the eyes, in the region of the nose and around the lips.

It Is important to emphasize that the efficacy and safety of a facelift surgery depends heavily on the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon.

Nails of the week – Fall mood

Nails of the week – Fall mood

I love the sun and after so many years in the cold Switzerland I was homesick. However January and February were soooo hot that I felt like a little snowfall would do good to me. Lol.  Let’s switch our moods to Fall and Winter and the chill that makes these seasons so nice in certain regions of Brazil. Even where there is no winter, the sun heat gets down and the weather in general is cooler, much more pleasant and agreeable.

Until now I have been trying on cheerful bright colors on my nails, but this week I changed it all. Literally, it went from water blue to red. I put a beautiful shade of wine called “Autumn”, by Anita brand.

foto 3

foto (16)

Ready for some dry leaves and cold glam.

My monthly beauty bag

My monthly beauty bag

Yesterday I went to a department store to buy some things to bring on the trip back to Brazil. I know that in my country good quality cosmetics are expensive, so it’s better to provide myself a nice beauty bag before leaving. Just so you have an example of the difference in price, I bought two tubes of anti stretch marks lotion – Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action – and paid 47 Swiss francs for both. In Brazil, a tube of the same cream costs around 150 reais! It’s almost five times the price! I was shocked when I saw the price, so I will just bring enough tubes of Mustela to cover the rest of my pregnancy.


Beauty bag of the month – In the store I saw that L’Oréal has launched a new haircare set, the EverRiche line. I had it seen it before, but this time I decided to buy it. The smell is delicious, free of sulfate but full of camelia and apricot oils. I opted for the shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Although my hair is not  exactly damaged right now – I got rid of the old hair two months ago – I always like to invest in products with a high power of hydration and nutrition, mainly because I do relaxation and my hair is naturally very dry . Tomorrow I’m going to use the full range, including the treatment mask, and will post everything here.

Another investment that I made was a Garnier BB Cream. In fact, I would buy from Vichy, but the price difference was considerable – 39 francs against 11.90 Garnier – so I opted for the cheapest one, anyway it is my debut with BB Creams, better buy a cheap one to start with.

Today I used the cream, spent over a powder, blush and a tiny bit of pale pink shade to brighten the eyes, the new mega luxurious mascara from MacExtended Play Lash – and honestly, I loved the result. I did everything in less than 10 minutes, and liked the effect “au naturel.” Garnier BB cream also has a 15 sun protection factor.


Make up – I bought these items already a few days, but I’ll talk about them too. It is a face powder, a concealer, a mascara and a delicious lipstick, all from Mac cosmetics.

Well, that’s it. I will then pumper myself with all these nice products and will slowly be posting my impressions here. What would you like to see first?

bisous mes amours!

Kiehl’s, testing the line with white clay from the Amazon

Kiehl’s, testing the line with white clay from the Amazon

Today I went to do some things in the center of Geneva, and as I had to wait for the Marlet to return home I ended up passing the Manor department store. Among so many beautiful things and mega luxury and no money to shop, my attention turned to the booth of Kiehl’s, a brand with over 160 years of history and a very innovative proposal of cosmetics for face, body and hair. Photo 1

What attracted me at first was the old pharmacy look of the packages. In That, the attendant called me and began to introduce me to the brand. Did a skin test with me completely free, and based on the results presented me a range of products suited to my skin type. Until Then, attendance Note 10!

But What was good was even better when she told me that she would give me samples of ALL the products indicated for my skin so that I could test them myself at home and thus get to know the products of the brand. I thought it was awesome. This is what is customer service, apart from the strategy to turn a curious like me into user of the brand. Only with that attitude have won many points with me, and during the week I will test all the Produtinhos.

In Addition, whoever buys Kiehl’s cosmetics can in their store even return the empty packages to be recycled. And of course, the client gets pampering by doing it.Photo 2I can’t talk about the products, because I haven’t used them yet, but something tells me I’m going to love that brand. Oh and one more thing: at Kiehl’s They’re not worried about having beautiful and chic packaging, so much so that the jars are simple and they keep that pharmacy air from the 30s. They prefer to invest in the content, so told me the attendant.

Too Cool, huh? All samples are from a line containing white clay from the Amazon.

When The samples finish I come here write about each product: Daily face Cleaner (Rare earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser), Pore minimising lotion (Rare earth Pore Minimizer Lotion), Mask (Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque), exfoliant, serum Anti and sunscreen.

Kiehl’s Brazil



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