Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!

You Walk with your toenail, brittle, unfunny fingernails? Let’s solve this, gal. Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails! With Suggestions I received from the staff of Risqué and I found it very cool to post. The time to make nails is considered a true beauty ritual for many women. However, it is important to remember that beautiful nails are not just about color, it is necessary to take care of the health of the nails so that they become even more beautiful.

Check out ten valuable tips to shine until the next enamelled!

Hydration always
Beautiful Fingernails start with hydrated hands and cuticles. One suggestion is the cream 2 in 1 Risqué, which provides 24 hours of hydration and softness, besides helping to soften the cuticles.

Pause required (This tip is important!)
Removing the enamel one day before enameling again is an important step to ensure healthier nails. You can use a serum repairer to moisturize and restore your nails.

1910-Comment-avoir-des-ongles-parfaits _2Choose the base
The application of the base is one of the most important stages of the manicuriation process, since this is the product that will have direct contact with the nails. Therefore, the choice of hypoallergenic products is essential. Several brands of enamels possess these products, including Risqué itself, which has three basic options in its Technology line, all hypoallergenic. In Addition to assisting in nail protection, a good base increases the durability of the enamel.


Tips for applying
The secret to a good enameling begins with the way the enamel is applied. Professionals in the area indicate the use of only one base layer and two layers of enamel on the nails – which, in general, are enough to ensure a good coverage and a perfect result. The tip is enameled with thinner layers and, after this step, use the glossy cover to prolong the duration and brightness of the enamel. For each layer, the application must be performed by passing a maximum of four times the brush with enamel on the nail, following the step by step below:

Risqué Nails

Step 1: Remove the excess product from the brush, and position it in the center of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 2: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 3: Position the brush on the right side of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 4: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 5: Position the brush on the left side of the nail near the cuticle.

Step 6: Lightly slide the brush to the edge of the nail.

Step 7: If necessary, finalize the application with one more brush stroke.


Use Hypoallergenic
To have fully treated nails, it is important to use hypoallergenic products – which avoid possible allergies – in all stages of manicuriation, as they contribute to the health of your nails.

Don’t forget the shiny frosting!
The main tip To protect the enamel and increase its durability is to apply a glossy cover About him. This type of product forms a film that protects the color, in addition to renewing the gloss of the enamel.
Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!
Avoid Smuts
To protect freshly enamelled nails from beats, scratches and dust, always count on the help of products such as spray and secant oil. I Don’t know about you, but I prefer the oil, because the spray always leaves balls on the fingernails.

Run away from the balls!
The undesirable “polka dots” appear mainly on three occasions: when the ambient temperature is too high; When the enamel is stored in a warm place or when the packaging is not properly closed, modifying the enamel texture. To prevent them, the tip is to avoid making nails in very hot environments (where we achieve this in the months of January and February?), store the enamels in places away from heat or sunlight, apply thin layers of enamel and finalize the process with the cover Bright.


Forget the Acetone!
Acetone is a more aggressive product for nails, as in addition to removing the enamel, it removes the water from the nails and the cuticles, leaving them dry and brittle and decreasing the durability of the next enamels. The remover, in turn, does not have acetone, and contains more moisturizing assets. This makes the product efficient in removing the enamel without being harmful to the health of the nails, softening the process of removing the enamel.

Removers Options

Wear Gloves!
Water, soap, cleaning products and friction. The daily combinations used during housekeeping wear the enamel, decreasing its durability in the nails. Although None of these products have the ability to “dissolve” nail enamel, it is important to use a glove before day-to-day tasks to protect the enameling.

Check out ten tips to conquer beautiful and healthy nails!This is a spontaneous post with tips I received from Risqué, leader in the Enamels segment in Brazil and more than 50 years of history in the beauty products market.

São Sebastião: a beautiful getaway just 2 hours from SP city

São Sebastião: a beautiful getaway just 2 hours from SP city

Dreaming of the Caribbean but no money or time to fly there? How about a quick getaway on the coast? São Sebastião (San Sebastian) is great for those who love quiet and deserted beaches, walks and trails in the middle of the forest.

Hey people, everybody frying in the scorching heat of summer 2014? Guys, I confess that even for me, Brazilian born and raised, is a bit too much! I am literally melting in my first Brazilian summer after 7 years in Switzerland! And to catch up with some chilling time by the beach I went to the north coast of São Paulo with my two months baby and my sister Meire. Facing the road with such a young baby and the heat of the coast were great challenges! But we survived.

We went to Maresias beach in São Sebastião. Already on the road I began to remember why I love going down to the coast. The scenery is beautiful: waterfalls, massive forest area, dangerous cliffs – beautiful and breathtaking. Maresias is a well known beach and said to be great for surfing. I like calm and empty beaches, with lots of nature and preferably no skyscrapers. São Sebastião is one of those cities that has not been destroyed by real estate speculation. Most of its beaches remain deserted, pristine beaches such as the beach of Santiago.

Sunset in MaresiasIMG_5128

Enjoying sunset with my babyboy




On the third day we went to Santiago beach and it was well worth the trip. The beach is beautiful, deserted, crystal green waters, surrounded by trees and native vegetation providing gentle shadows all day. Make to take a good repellent and stay close other people. On site is a makeshift bar next to a camping, and this is the only place where you can drink and eat something. The entrance to the beach is a bit hidden, you know? Beautiful vacation homes can be seen behind gardens of rainforest, revealing the high level of local regulars.

Arriving on the Santiago beachIMG_5166


Running to get away from the super hot sandIMG_5176


Back to Maresias this beach is more “pop” with cute little shops and restaurants. Look for Kanaloa restaurant to eat overlooking the beach or to drink a cold coconut milk by the sands.



It was a different experience traveling with my baby for the first time, and he is still so young, yet a delight to leave the city and breath some salty air! For those of you who enjoy waterfalls, hiking and boating São Sebastião offers all this and more.

Must-haves in the travel bag:

– repellent
– High SPF
– Sunglasses
– Hat
– Air conditioning in the room
– Preferably a hotel with a pool because at the peak hours you will not want to go to the beach in the scorching heat!
– Get the number of a taxi service BEFORE arriving in the village.

PS: at the guesthouse where we stayed, it was all 220V. Beware of 110V appliances!

Hope you enjoyed.

Marrying wedding and carnival

Marrying wedding and carnival

Wedding should be the subject of this post, but now in Brazil there’s only one topic: Carnival. Lets’s marry both!


If bride and groom are in the mood for a carnival wedding party the theme can be amply explored with masks, tags, confetti and serpentine. Everything in bold and vibrant colors. Simple things that can be seamlessly incorporated into the theme.

Ideas abound. How about replacing rice by confetti off the ceremony? Rice will leave the both bride and groom looking messy before it’s time! Cakes and pastries can also get into the mood of Samba and be thematized.


The giveaways can follow the rest and be an invitation to party like in carnival. The decor is a great thing to adapt and make everything look more festive: invitations, menu, tags table reservation, all can follow the theme.

For the track, something that already happens at weddings and can be strengthened are the musicians from samba schools playing at the party.


As for the costumes it will depend on where the wedding and part take place. Indoor? Outdoor? If we talking the traditional church – party then it becomes more difficult to “play” with this item. However if ceremony and party take place in a ball room everybody may be more informal and within the theme. It is up to the bride and groom to give the “command”.

Just be careful not to lose the focus. It’s a marriage after all, not a carnival ball. And not all your guests will be comfortable with much revelry. Knowing how to keep a good balance is essential for everyone to have good memories of your party.

casamento temático carnaval themed carnival wedding 01


Fancy a carnival wedding?

PS: that is me and my husband in our wedding in July, 2010 in the picture in the slideshow on the homepage.


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