The Dream of Car travel: practical tips for you to plan your

One Day you saw that genius Road Trip and remembered a latent desire, but forgotten by the routine and obligations of normal life: Take the road by car. Who ever? The question is, what to do with this will? You Will leave aside and forget again or organize your trip, choose a genial playlist and close the door to just return… Who knows when?

The Dream of Car travel: practical tips for you to plan your

Well, if you decided to give your imagination a ball and turn it into reality, congratulations! To celebrate your decision and help with some practical tips, we created this article with the goal that everything works out and you come back telling genius stories and not what ended up going wrong. Shall we go?

Define the route

One of the coolest things about traveling by car is the possibility of going anywhere, anytime you want. Okay, freedom is genius, but it’s also worth defining some destinations, or at least going towards some. So If you change your mind on the way, that’s fine.


Even so, choosing the destination serves to plan the route, and in them, identify the points of support and stops for you to supply, rest a little or take off that selfie in a fantastic gazebo. In Fact, it can be said that the best of Brazil is found precisely in points that are not necessarily in the tourist maps. By car, you can afford to go discovering havens.

Vehicle: Own or depart for the Car rental?

That’s the million-dollar question. Actually, it all depends. If you have a car in perfect condition, with all the documentation in day and available for free use (if not shared, for example), nothing like going with your cart and making it participate in the story along with you.

The Dream of Car travel: practical tips for you to plan your

Now, if your car is not 100, if it’s not ‘only you ‘ or if you want to start the trip from a point away from where you live, the best option is to count on the advantages of car rental. What is not missing are rental companies that deliver the car in one city and receive in another, besides the GPS facilities and vehicle status. How do you find a good vehicle? Easy, type “Car Rental RJ“(or the city you need) and you will see what options are not missing!

The best thing is that you guarantee a reliable vehicle and, even if something happens, the same is exchanged and the ransom saves you. On the other hand, you can choose the model best suited to your needs. Imagine taking an offroad? Or a convertible to travel, literally, with your hair in the wind? Luxury and wealth;).

What’s missing to get on the road?

Some say that to travel by car is only necessary to have two things: a car and a driver. It May be, but let’s just tell the truth, even for the trip to run smoothly or you have to arrange things all the time, you’d better go out with everything ready. We could even make a checklist of personal objects, but each person is a world, let’s just cite some universal needs of an authentic car traveler:

The Dream of Car travel: practical tips for you to plan your

Playlist- Music is all on a trip. What do you like to hear? Play all your MP3 on mobile or on a USB stick, think that not every place has Internet and running out of soundtrack at that time is not an option.

Documentation- Personal and vehicle (if you do not opt for car rental). To stay, you need to present personal documents and there is a place that asks for something that proves that you are you at the time to pass the credit card, for example. Health Plan Card and, if traveling with children, birth certificate of everyone, if required by supervision in some control.

Useful Objects- The best way to travel by car is to be able to take a lot of things! Then You can play whatever you think is necessary in the trunk. Food is good, so you don’t get hungry on the way, water is critical. Toilet Paper, hair dryer, small board, sunscreen, everything goes. There’s no harm in a ice cream, either. And If you’re the type to cook and camp, a camping kit could be salvation.

What else?- Decide and leave. Even the lodging you can go see on the way, discover cool places and ask for directions. The most important thing is to go! So do not leave your wills aside, your personal road trip is waiting for you, and can be done much more easily than you think, but only become reality. So, good luck with the preparations and foot on the road! Then tell us about the Luxury Passport, how was your trip!


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