It’s been three weeks since I’ve been using a medical line of organic and vegan facial cosmetics. I Will be very sincere and confess that I always thought that these cosmetics were ‘ inferior ‘ to traditional cosmetics. I Think this is a prejudice that many of us have, but it’s past the time to leave it behind. REVIEW BIOMED-organic and Vergano facial skin care. I Participated in a research on the new packaging of brand products and, as a thank you, I won the products below and I started to test them as part of the research. The Line won me on the first day of use! I’m using the 5-in-1 Cleanser for the face and eyes, the cream for The Eye Area Forget your age and the anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream Forget your age.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

I’m going to start talking about the Cleanser 5-in-1 face cleaner because it’s an amazing product. It cleans, regulates the ph, detoxifies and moisturizes, and is recommended for sensitive and troubled skins. Guys, I’ve never used a product like this. It does Not contain detergents, does not foam and its consistency is that of a cream. You can pass it on dry face (or wet if you prefer) and massage until full absorption before washing with water. At the beginning the sensation is different, because we are used with cleaners that make foam and tals. The skin is smooth, soft and clean! This product is show! Out with a little taste ofit, very soft. And the best: it does not leave the face with that ‘ stretched ‘ skin feeling that many cleaning gels leave. Did I Mention he removes all the makeup? Natural 99.7 Product.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

The Forget Your Age Facial Moisturizer has firming action and anti-wrinkle. The novelty of this product is that it “rejuvenates” skin cells, according to the manufacturer. Our cells age and die every 21 days. That is: every three weeks the cells are replaced by other brand new ones and we get that beautiful face, bright and young:) But as we grow older, this process slows down, the adult stem cells become old, lose the vitality and the ability to divide. The Moisturizer Forget Your Age works in these cells, giving that rejuvenated in them. The active ingredient of the product is Phycojuvenine, extracted from brown seaweed. It Also contains karitê butter, argan oil, avocado oil and aloe vera, as well as cotton seed oil.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

This Cream is wonderful! What I liked most about it was the luminosity that gets on the skin after it’s applied. And that feeling of face well cared for. The skin looks beautiful, uniform, luminous and firm all day, not just in the minutes following use. I’m simply loving this product. His consistency in contact with the skin is somewhat different from that of a common cosmetic. But nothing to collapse it. 20170516_130359-1The cream for The Eye Region Forget Your Age Is Done With phycojuvenine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and jojoba oil. It Has antioxidant properties and acts against free radicals. I Am using this product and I do not have much to say about it, because I have no chicken feet (yet), just a few lines below the eyes. But I’ve noticed that the eye area is more enlightened. If you’re as good as the rest of the line, you’ll make me very satisfied.

Review BIOMED-Organic and Vergano facial skin Care

BIOMED products are about 99.7 natural, untested in animals, does not contain paraben, does not contain phenoxyethanol and contains no mineral oil. They Can be bought in pharmacies in almost all of Europe. Prices are very affordable. The face cream, for example, does not cost 25 euros.

More information on the website of BioMed (site in several languages)


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