Tropical Prints, leaves and flowers are the hallmark of the third collection of Stylist Patricia Bonaldi in partnership With C &Amp; A. The color of the time is white, and the fluidity gives the tone of what we can expect from the next season: a lot of femininity. Bomber Jackets, cropped tops, blouses, skirts A, minis and short straps or long dresses with strategic moorings are some of the pieces designed by the stylist.

PatBo and C & A together again! See the pieces of the collection
20170825_C & A_PatBO_foto07

The pieces reach the e-commerce Of C &Amp; A October 26, and in selected Stores throughout Brazil in the 31. So you know, right? You Have to run to get a play, ‘ cause they’re flying the Araras! Click on the photos to see in real tamamho.



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