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The Luxury Passport has always been a space for Ana Paula to express herself! But since she is Phyna and lives in Germany, we find the difficulty to cover every legal agenda we have around here in Brazil. So, I’m putting out my journalistic veins and helping you with that, I’m going to steal just a little bit of your attention. Pleasure, I am Marcella, advisor of The Luxury Passport and that makes this blogger beak to ensure THAT the PL is always updated and bring the best news from The Bridge Europe-Brazil for you!

Meditation in the Dark

Inspired by the post of life coaching and the search for the reconnection of Ana Paula (post that you can see here), I was invited to participate in a meditation sung in the dark. I Was curious, I am completely passionate about music and meditating always takes us out of the problems of every day. I still didn’t know, but I’d have a very different experience and I’d meet amazing people.

The Show begins with the ritual of turning off the cell phones and the lights are slowly fading. It happens every last 5th of the month, in the City Warehouse, and in each encounter a guest conducts meditation. By virtue of this wonderful fate, the Rajesh Raman, was the time mediator and made us a meditation technique through respiration. If you still don’t know her work, search a little more here.

Meditation sung in the dark and new collaborations

The singing of urban Troumers happens after a good time of meditation and when we are already totally in the dark. According to them, “music in the Dark is an experience of coexistence, which provokes inspiration through music.” AHarvard study has proven that the brain changes from meditation. The audience is attentive to the show with the exercise of concentration and respiration, and perceives the melody and the lyrics in a different way. In my case, I observed quite what reaction and emotion every song caused me, it was surprising!

The next meditation in the dark will be May 25th, the 21h, in the City Warehouse, and will have mediation of Mirna Grzich, a reference in meditation in Brazil. The value is $45 per person, but the project has a discount partnership with the Free turnstile.

I hope I can talk more about my meeting with Renata Rocha and other covers around here. Tell Me what you think of the post? Do you have any doubts, criticism, Stts? assessoriapl@passaportedoluxo.com


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