How the face lift ends with sagging and falling muscles


A Facial Lifting is an aesthetic procedure capable of removing or reducing small wrinkles of expression and the sagging of the face caused by the aging process. In a traditional facial face lift, the skin is repositioned, as well as the deep structures of the face such as muscle structures and fat, which returns harmony and muscle tone to the face.

Do You have to take anesthesia to do this procedure?
For the procedure, the patient should be anesthetized or sedated until his face is completely numb. Then the surgeon should make an incision that starts in the area on the forehead and circulates the whole region around the ears. The skin is lifted, and the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened. During The procedure the surgeon can remove all excess fat and skin from the patient. The skin is then redrawn over the face and the incision is sutured. The incision usually follows along the hair line or in a place where the skin naturally has a crease, so it does not become apparent after surgery.

A neck lift can be done in conjunction with the face lift. This procedure allows to remove sagging and all loose skin under the chin. The incision starts at the front of the earlobe and goes to the back of the ear to the scalp.


What’s with the face lift?
The facelift is the surgical procedure capable of transforming an aged face into a younger face, eliminating small wrinkles of expression and muscular sagging. In addition, the facial facelift stretches the skin of the face, allowing skin rejuvenation. That is, the facelift is an aesthetic procedure capable of making a face younger and healthier looking. The patient will continue to age, but the facelift really is able to make the time clock return in a few years. For Some people, surgery can increase self-confidence and reduce anxiety due to the aging process. However, the face lift can not reverse the damage caused by the sun or remove all the facial wrinkles existing around the eyes, in the region of the nose and around the lips.

It Is important to emphasize that the efficacy and safety of a facelift surgery depends heavily on the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon.


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