Artmaia, a new “paulista” fashion brand, entered in a joint venture with Neon, the label of famous designers Dudu Bertholini and Rita Comparato. This week, they launched their new collection at Artmaia’s showroom in Sao Paulo. Dudu and Rita had created 16 print patterns to be used in 80 different models: they will lend a distinct and exotic flair to Artmaia’s new collection. Artmaia are making ultra-feminine fashion whilst paying extra attention to detail and quality.

Marcos Maia (dono da Artmaia), Dudu Bertholini (da Neon), Priscila Maia (dona da Artmaia) e Rita Comparato (da Neon)

I had the pleasure to see the collection up close: lots of dresses with print patterns all over, long skirts and the famous “kaftans” by Dudu Bertolini. The pieces are light and – in spite of the exotism and exquisite beauty of the pieces – are easy to use.I had not heard about Artmaia before, but as soon as I saw their website, I fell in love with their creations. First of all, I am excited and happy to see a brand making affordable and beautiful clothes. Second, they make a real effort to organize classy photo shootings of them – and last but not least I love their work, full of details with embroidery and lace, and lots of pieces made of leather, too !

Their “Camisaria” aka shirt department is quite a case apart.  The main focus of the brand since its foundation, Artmaia shirts are flawless and come in a wide variety of fabrics and designs. Forget the small-square-straight-button kinda shirt..! We are talking about shirts with different cuts, with small decorative details like lace and such that make ALL the difference. The brand has established itself in the market, and their partnership with Neon is the testimony and cherry on the cake of their growth and success. Dudu Bertholini has already invested heavily in this new niche of partnerships and licensing: recently he did a “limited edition” collection for Riachuelo Fashion Five and O Boticário.The designs created for Artmaia are always cheerful and sensual, they make you think of a vibrant woman, full of personality, unafraid and daring.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.

I think this new wave of partnerships between accessible brands and renowned designers is awesome. It essentially gives us a chance to get our hands on clothes signed by the masters, whilst paying no no more bling -bling than we can honestly afford.

Fashion as an industry can only grow and profit from this, and the International Republic of Fashionistas says Thank You!


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