Rather than struggling into the latest trends, make your wardrobe work for you!

We girls are almost never happy with what we’ve got. Curvaceous women would like a more slim silhouette, skinny girls work hard to build muscles. From changing the size of our bra cup to wearing waist bands to trick the mirror, we’ve tried it all. Now here is what we need to live happy and always look good no matter what body we have: to dress for our body shape!


This super feminine figure boasts a full bust and hips with a narrow waist. Show off your fabulous curves without looking frumpy in a fitted dress with a wide belt and pencil skirt, teamed with a tailored jacket. Avoid loose designs, and beware of all-over patterns that can swamp your gorgeous frame.


Ladies with an apple shape have broad shoulders, a less defined waistline and slender legs. Opt for a sleek line that skims your stomach, and choose V-necks that put your shoulders back in proportion with your slim hips. Avoid short jackets, which add unwanted width, and don’t be afraid to show off your perfect pins in flattering skirts and dresses.



One of the most common body shapes in Britain, pears have narrow shoulders, a slimmer bust and curvy hips and bums. Draw the eye upwards by wearing bright colours and statement jewellery on your top half, and experiment with party dresses with big sleeves or collars. Halter-necks also balance out a wider bottom half, so there are plenty of options open for those with this figure – get more inspiration from perfect pear Beyoncé!


You don’t have to be an Olympian to have this body type! Athletic ladies have a slender frame from shoulder to hips. Create curves with A-line skirts that flow out from the waist and peplums that broaden hips. A narrow belt will help give shape to a simple shift dress, while halter-necks show off your strong shoulder line.


Another fruity figure, strawberries are the opposite of pears, with a full bust and wide shoulders slimming down to a narrow waist and hips. Choose full skirted dresses with colour on the bottom half, and go for V-necks instead of strappy or halter-neck tops, puff sleeves or ruffles, which broaden shoulders. Minimise accessories on top, but go to town with a pair of statement shoes.

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