Wedding should be the subject of this post, but now in Brazil there’s only one topic: Carnival. Lets’s marry both!


If bride and groom are in the mood for a carnival wedding party the theme can be amply explored with masks, tags, confetti and serpentine. Everything in bold and vibrant colors. Simple things that can be seamlessly incorporated into the theme.

Ideas abound. How about replacing rice by confetti off the ceremony? Rice will leave the both bride and groom looking messy before it’s time! Cakes and pastries can also get into the mood of Samba and be thematized.


The giveaways can follow the rest and be an invitation to party like in carnival. The decor is a great thing to adapt and make everything look more festive: invitations, menu, tags table reservation, all can follow the theme.

For the track, something that already happens at weddings and can be strengthened are the musicians from samba schools playing at the party.


As for the costumes it will depend on where the wedding and part take place. Indoor? Outdoor? If we talking the traditional church – party then it becomes more difficult to “play” with this item. However if ceremony and party take place in a ball room everybody may be more informal and within the theme. It is up to the bride and groom to give the “command”.

Just be careful not to lose the focus. It’s a marriage after all, not a carnival ball. And not all your guests will be comfortable with much revelry. Knowing how to keep a good balance is essential for everyone to have good memories of your party.

casamento temático carnaval themed carnival wedding 01


Fancy a carnival wedding?

PS: that is me and my husband in our wedding in July, 2010 in the picture in the slideshow on the homepage.

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