Pensou em relaxar? Hospede-se numa árvore As casas ficam em reservas integradas ao Kruger National Park, o principal cartão postal sul-africano e mais famoso destino de safáris no país. Ali, os visitantes podem observar com uma proximidade rara os cinco grandes animais da África: elefantes, leões, rinocerontes, leopardos e búfalos.

Today I opened my email to find some amazing pictures of accommodations for those who enjoy safaris. Houses are built in trees amidst the lush nature of South Africa, where the tourist can go back to childhood and enjoy the pleasures of a tree house, but this time with the comfort of plush couches, private bar and a very luxurious set up. Need to relax? Stay in a tree house!

Have you ever imagined spending the night in a heavenly place like the one in these photos, surrounded by a paradisiac and quiet landscape?

Pensou em relaxar? Hospede-se numa árvore

This setting is perfect for a romantic trip, for those times when what we want most is love and enjoy the company of our beloved one without anyone around. It’s the old story of “love in a cottage” that becomes real, only that here the cabin has a luxurious decor, champagne on ice and delicious breakfast, all adorned by beautiful furniture. And all this framed by nature, you’ll be surrounded by wild animals and can watch them very closely.

Is not it an idyllic setting?

Pensou em relaxar? Hospede-se numa árvore

Note: These tree houses are integrated into the Kruger National Park, the main postcard of South Africa and most famous safari destination in the country. Here, visitors can observe with a rare close the five biggest African animals: elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards and buffalo. The tour is organized by Teresa Perez Tours.


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