Vogue, piscina e meus cinco meses de gravidez

Now I can say that I am not embarrassed anymore about showing off my belly. Actually, I was not exactly embarrassed, I was shy, after all so many changes are taking place. Today I went to the pool in my building showing to whom my want to see my five (now 6!) months baby bump with the latest French Vogue. I took photos in the water and was mesmerized when I saw the images. I think there comes a time in pregnancy when we feel the need to show the world that something amazing is going on in our belly.

Oh, have I told you guys the baby’s name? João Marcelo! I love that name, I think it’s strong and beautiful. And very Brazilian too!!

Vogue, piscina e meus cinco meses de gravidez

Tell me: what do you think of white framed sunglasses? I do not know why this is but I think it suits an afternoon buy the pool. I can’t help but think how chic it is! Years ago, I thought white framed sunnies were something very 50’s and not for everyone. I obviously changed my mind.

In the pictures I took this afternoon, you can see a pair of Italian Moschino.

Oh and I missed Winter in São Paulo, it is so different from the Swiss one! What a delight to have the privilege of sunbathing in my bikini in July!

Vogue, piscina e meus cinco meses de gravidez



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