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I haven’t really joined the wave of mirrored sunglasses, the ones that reflect thousand colors and all that jazz, but I have to confess that I love colored frame sunglasses. It was only recently that acknowledge my taste for colored rims. Sometimes it is hard to get out of your comfort zone and let the classic black glasses aside. But when I saw these square Louis Vuitton sunglasses in a store in Milan I thought, “pink glasses? well, why not?” I decided I needed them in my life. I bought them without knowing when and how I would wear them.

The pair of pink LV shades looks red in the first picture, but they are the same sunnies from the photo below.

Óculos pink?

The truth is I do not need a “when” much less a “how” to wear them. I use them when I want, because after all, better than following the latest trends is to have your own style, don’t you think?


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