Winter is just around the corner in Brazil, time to invest in coats, jackets and sleeve clothing. I will show here my Hugo Boss Winter selection. Must-haves like jackets, chic ankle boots and long sleeve dresses from the 2013 Fall collection for a fashionable Winter in Brazil.
Seleção de inverno Hugo Boss

The Swiss winter can drive me nuts sometimes because is too long and extremely cold, but is different in Brazil. There we can enjoy some chill without freezing off, and still go out and about full of style.

As the coldest season of the year in Brazil is not really that cold, we can bet on cool leather jackets with cinched waists, dresses and more fashionable pieces, nothing as heavy as the huge coats that I am obliged to use in Switzerland to keep myself alive! LOL.

My hugo boss winter selection

seleção de inverno Hubo Boss

Want to see what is in my personal selection of Hugo Boss Winter pieces? Get your sweater on and click on the images to see them bigger.




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